O Pioneer!


I’ve fallen in love.  I just discovered The Pioneer Woman. She. rocks.  I spent the better part of 4 hours reading the greatest love story of all time — the tale of Pioneer Woman and her cowboy, Marlboro Man.  Epic.  Must read.

In other news, a co-worker and I used yesterday’s lunch break as the ideal opportunity to make a break for the downtown library.  I have to tell you — I think I could live in the downtown Orlando library happily ever after (I’d miss the Hubs and Monkey terribly, however).   It was a-freaking-mazing!  Four floors, rows and rows of books, cds, dvd’s, and a cafe that caused deliciously distracting smells to waft through the old-book-smell tinged air (you know the smell…classic).  I forgot a bag, of course, and ended up hauling my books back through downtown looking like a wayward hobo who had just robbed a book-on-cd store.  What a treasure trove of books on CD! I’m stoked – I checked out five, some of the recommendation of my co-worker.  As I type this, I’m downloading the first to my iTunes so that I can upload to my iPod for my next walk/run — its Brad Meltzer’s The Millionaires. Ever read it?


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