French Toast for Dinner

Hello, my lovelies!  Saturday turned out so much better than Friday night.  To start off with, I got to sleep in…’til eight.  ‘Twas glorious.   I spent the better part of the morning showering, putting my face on, eating some b-fast, and then hitting the road to get some much-required errands accomplished. 

Breakfast consisted of these two mixed together:

I adore Greek yogurt.  It tastes delicious (I tend to add a little stevia to satisfy my sweet tooth) and it holds me over.  The kamut cereal is eh-ok – it gets the job done, but I’m not sure I’ll be buying it again.

I hit up Goodwill, found a brand-new bad ass rolling pin (I’m in lurve – I’ll have to show you later since my camera ate the picture) and a fabulous serving place (see my parenthentic note re: bad ass rolling pin).  Then it was on to Whole Foods for a few essentials that cannot be found elsewhere, and Publix for some much needed groceries.  We’re trying to mostly eat what’s currently stocked in our pantry and freezer since we anticipate a move in the next two months, but a girl’s gotta have her greens.  I loaded up on fresh veggies, some vegetarian-friendly protein sources, and almond milk (my Publix always sells out like it’s going out of style – I stock up when I can).  By the time I was through Whole Foods it was nearly one and I was ready to gnaw my arm off.  I broke into these bad boys and had about one two servings. 

Lurve.  By the time I was finished dominating Publix, the Newman’s had worn off and I was ready for some lasting sustenance.  Enter, the salad beast:


This tasty delight consisted of one romaine heart, half an avocado, a sprinkling of balsamic, about 1 ½ cups of raw broccoli, and one Morningstar Blackbean Burger that I extracted from the depths of our freezer.  It hit the spot.

This little man faithfully follows me around, hoping that a piece of broccoli or lettuce will fortuitously fall out of my bowl and into his mouth.

I worked the afternoon away and took a short siesta in anticipation of our 7:00 showing of IronMan 2 – my man’s been pretty psyched to see it.  I was hungry and knew I needed something filling before we left.  Only one thing would do:

Scrambled eggs with grape tomatoes and a wedge of Laughing Cow, with a piece of Ezekiel French toast drizzled with real maple syrup.  Simple, healthy, delicious.  Yum!  I was satiated.

Today’s unpictured munchings may or may not have also included a cheesestick, a mini bag of Annie’s fruit snacks, and several handfuls of vegan chocolate chips.

I also got in my moves for the day before we took off for the theater.  I’m so sore this week from easing back into working out – it’s amazing how quickly you can lose it if you don’t use it.  So I’ve been doing as much as my body can handle.  I did about 25 minutes of Yogalosophy – it felt good to stretch some things out and get some strength moves in. 

IronMan2 rocked and I would like to be ScarJo.  Please.  I love her.

I’ll also be doing my Move Before You Snooze moves before bed tonight and have my next run planned for tomorrow morning.

I’ve been contemplating some of my eating habits, and keep coming back to one I think I need to address – pre-bedtime snacking.  A controversial subject, but I’d like to share my thoughts and experience with you if you’re interested.  More on that tomorrow.

 Over and out.


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