Practicing Yoga in Public

Boom, baby! I trotted my tail down to the apartment gym this afternoon and cranked out my 30 minute interval session on the treadmill.  Today was easier than the last run — it’s good to feel my body coming back to life and getting back in the swing of things.   I realized I have this thing though…thing thing about exercising in front of other people.  I really have a hard time with it.  Every time the gym door would creak open, I’d jump a little and then really start hauling ass so whoever the sure-to-be-fit person was who was about to enter the gym would not judge me too harshly for my pitiful attempt.

I hate being so self-conscious.  I know it’s not health – and I know I’m probably just imposing my own insecurities upon this hapless other gym rat.  I know when I see someone else trotting down the street or chugging away in the gym, I’m just so impressed at their success at just getting in there and doing it.  More than that, my work out is about me and my body, not anyone else or their opinions — I need to learn not to care, and to focus on what I’m there to do.

Perhaps someday I’ll even work up to doing hardcore yoga in public.  Check it out.  Seriously.


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