Weight Loss Story

Since I was a young teenager, thanks to a combination of poor eating habit, natural curves, and a regimin of corticosteroids, I was overweight.  I hated it.  I hated catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I hated trying to squeeze into beautiful clothes and leave inevitably disappointed, and I hated the constant comparison that went on in my head between myself and my lovely friends.  Over the years, I tried diet after diet, but never lasted long and never succeeded.  Instead, my weight steadily grew.   At 5’3″, the increase in my weight showed significantly. 

In February of 2009, I hit my tipping point.  Enough was enough.  Between February and August of 2009, I lost 60 pounds, thanks to a medically-supervised diet that consisted primarily of lean protein and veggies.  It was a hard six months, but the results felt glorious! 



I finally felt comfortable in my own skin! 

But, my weight loss is still relatively new – I am constantly striving to my body’s particular needs and how to maintain my weightloss.   For example, I’m a recent convert to pescatarianism (I’m a vegetarian that still eats seafood) and have been delighted to discover how much better I feel with heavy meat out of my life.  

Despite accomplishing so much, I struggle almost daily with “fat talk.”  It ain’t been easy, I’ll admit that much.  What terrified me most was the knowledge that I would have to transition to maintenance – and somehow, someway, find a way to keep off the weight I’d lost.  I was terrified that I would gain it all back in about 2 1/2 days (I still am, actually).  That’s the journey I’m on now – learning to eat well, for my body’s particular needs, learning to work out and learning to find activities that I enjoy. 

It’s been quite a roller coaster – and I finally realized that I needed an outlet and some accountability on this journey – a place to share and vent.   And, voila, babyspinachsteps.wordpress.com was born.  For me, this blog is a way of tracking the lessons I learn, of maintaining accountability to proper eating and exercising, and achieving balance — one baby step at a time!


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